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Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Involved in Spiritualism for 25 years; taken spiritual development classes at Lily Dale, New York, Church of Universal Love, Springdale Church,Toronto & The Spiritualist Society of Burlington. Certified in Spiritual Healing by Church of Universal Love and Ontario Healers Network. Worked in several Spiritualist Churches as Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer and Speaker.

​​​​*Psychic/Clairvoyant Readings in Burlington & surrounding area. Convenient downtown Burlington location.
Individual Readings (face to face) are 45 minutes or more.
You will enjoy a face to face reading in downtown Burlington (near GO Train).​

​*Home Party Psychic Readings for groups of 4 to 6 people in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Niagara & surrounding area.
Socialize with friends while 45 minute individual readings are done in a separate room.
Phone 905-681-2983. Leave your phone number & message and I will return your call to schedule appointment.

​​​*Live Events-Respected psychic and medium David is the "Real Deal." David connects those who have passed with loved ones they left behind in the uplifting event "Medium with Messages". The messages he's given to deliver frequently include names, ages, dates, and locations that David couldn't possibly know, adding to his long established credibility as a sincere and unpretentious medium working to bridge the spiritual gap between the living and the deceased. Due to David's compassionate and oftentimes humorous interaction with the audience, attendees leave feeling uplifted. But what truly matters is that the messages from Spirit bring comfort, encouragement, guidance and offer a
sense of direction.
​                                                                Note: Readings are for Entertainment                      count:
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